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So some know about what my mom has been through these last couple of years but some done. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Oct 2016. When we found out, we immediately started planning & calling doctors. Luckily, my Aunt & Uncle (her sister & brother-in-law) are friends with the top breast surgeon in the southern region & the top oncologists in the southern region! We got an appointment with them the very next day & so began our journey. Dr Mike Haley, Dr Derrick Spell & Dr Renee Levine have been nothing short of AMAZING! Fast forward to today, she is cancer free! God was on our side & he took fantastic care of us & our Doctors! Thank you all for all the prayers & hugs!

top left: Mom & Oliver, top right: Mom & I

bottom left: Mom & Aunt Mary (her sister), bottom right: Aunt Mary, Mom & PawPaw (who will be 90 this year!)